Let's practise calligraphy!

I'm in love with "Calligraphy" these days. I've started practising since the last 2 weeks with a dip pen. I don't know what happened to me as a first try, I did it because it was fun but didn't expect to be addicted as much as I do now. 

I started from zero, just trying to write and make some sketches. The most of the time I looked up the samples from Pinterest. I helps a lot, at least one thing I learn is to start observing how the lines go and using the sense of composition. hmmmm (I'm not very good in explaining things. Let's check it out!) 

My weapons

First try out. Start from the beginning.

I randomly wrote anything..to practise my hand to get used to the circle stroke. 

Of course!! This is the first digital lettering I did. And it has to be my blog's name :) 


Actually I kind of like this extreme version. Kinda cool ;D 

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