It's the obsession! TYPE TYPE TYPE!

After this 4-5months that I usually have very less sleep almost every night. I found myself being very passionate and happy. These weeks I've started to adapt how I normally do with calligraphy to sort of digital look, applying the fundamental of being a graphic and product designer (now I still don't really know who I am, but never mind! That's how I describe myself just "me".) 

OK! Let's see how it goes so far.. 

"Pastelbreeze", my (online) name version, made from Rhinoceros 3D program for product design. I firstly drew a line first because it had to be just only one line (you see how it looks). 

There're mainly 4 steps in this one.

1) Create calligraphy line.
2) Draw it in computer (line based in Illustrator)
3) Work on Rhinoceros
4) Edit and retouch in Photoshop.
5) DONE! 

I really like this one because this is one of favourite quote (kinda). I drew this calligraphy long time ago and wanted to re-design it into something which represent the meaning of it. So.. just simple. I love this one.



Next step of type.

After I've been practicing on calligraphy, I come to the next step of turning the handmade type into digital. It's somehow related. I become enjoying with all types and lettering. Like someone might understand it incorrectly. "Calligraphy is not Lettering." It's a bit different. As a graphic designer, I think it's challenging me how to design a very fine line and nice composition on the letters. I don't know. Actually do not have any explanation. But I do really enjoy it! <3 font="" nbsp="">

Lately, I designed these types for my friends. (Yes, they're their names.) As a first try, I was very happy. 



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