An Energetic Weekend

ok! This post will be one of the most excited adventurous weekend that I'll talk about. Because my beloved best friend, Dafni, comes for visiting. So I'm in charge of being a good guide in my country and also a good company. It's her second time here in Thailand, so my duty is to explore something new with her which would be more excited!!!! 


There's always a good thing in a bad thing! Even though, it was raining in the morning, but we decided to go out with our cute umbrella. The rain always smells super nice! and we love it! :D 


Then we took the boat at Sathorn pier to Tha-chang, where we wanted to grab some brunch and then going to the Grand Palace. Actually, it's quite new for me because it was my first time that I took the tourist boat instead of taking the usual one. So we paid 40Baht each. 

There's a guide on the boat and he explained things in English. I personally enjoy watching this guy. Because he was so funny! (You probably see how he moves) It was just like I was watching the comedy show haha


I did try this tiny tomato just because it looks cute. But it tastes alike the common one.

Dafni was excited when she first saw this flower, said it looks similar to the flower plant's name which is also her name too!! uhhh~~ 


We walked around the old-town area and eventually arrived Sam-Peng market (we went throughout Pa-Hu-Rad market, an indian textile stores area).  It was also my first time going to this jewelery shop because Dafni wanted to buy some beads. This shop reminded me of Wismar once I was there as an exchange student, studying jewelry design. 

Fortunately, it's a fruit season now in Thailand! We have a lot of fruits! I'm so Happy.! We also took some star fruits back home from China Town :) 


The end of the day, we had tasty ice-cream with a lot of funny flavour. These are what we had ; Yakult with Peepojelly, Beer, Chocobanana, BananaCheese, Lychee with Sake' and Super Milk! 


We made Sunday even more awesome!!, taking a ride to the south. It took us about 2-3hours by car. Unfortunately, it was raining on the way going..I was a bit disappointed as we expected to enjoy the sun. hmm... but my buddy is a very optimistic person so we could still enjoyed the cloudy moody rain in the car! ;D

This is the first impressive picture of the day. We stopped by the gas station for some coffee. And there was a big rice field behind the coffee shop, very refreshing. 


First place to visit! 

We went to the Pranburi national mangrove forrest in Prachuap Kiri Khan province. I didn't expect to see such a huge green forrest and it was very impressive. Fortunately, the breeze blown away the rain and the sun was warmly welcoming us. So, the weather was so lovely! 

There was a pathway all along the forrest which is very useful because we could see some little crabs very closely. It amazed us quite a lot because there were also the information boards in every stops, telling the stories about local creatures and trees. 

This place looks so unreal. !!

And then we took a walk along the beach. The sun became stronger and stronger.. I think there were just both of us and some small group of people there. Actually, this place is very peaceful as it takes a bit longer to come from Hua-Hin (one of the famous beach) which is about 20-30mins further. 

I was surprised to see this signage as I didn't think there would be any deer around..Seriously?!?!

Now it's time for brunch! Seafood time!!~~ (which we had in the afternoon hahaha..) I made a little mistake on the right one because I didn't think that it's gonna be super spicy.. So Dafni didn't really enjoy it but the other two dishes were great! The left one was "Glass noodle with shrimps". The middle one was obviously a sweet-spicy fish (our favourite one). And the mistake one was Spicy shells with some sort of.. Thai herbs.  Well, our stomaches were enjoying so much! 

The view from the restaurant. 

We ended up the beach session at Cha-am beach, was just talking a little walk and then we left because it was too crowded. I found these cute foam airplanes and a seller which nostalgically reminded me when I was young. My parents bought me that the most of the time we went to the beach. :) 

It seems to be the end of the journal. But we stopped by 2 more places and it's nice that we drove the car because we did really make the day become productive. The last place we stopped by before totally being exhausted on the way back was "Amphawa floating market". We arrived there pretty quite late because all the restaurant were closing. So, we decided to make a boat trip to see the fireflies. Yehhh...

and I finally I can finish this post now.. thanks god..  



I am a happy fruit!

These 2 days I'm so in love with fruits. I think it would be nice to add my calligraphy into this cute pattern. Every time I think about fruit, it makes me happy because my nickname in Thai means "Rose apple". See? I was born to be a fruit! and right now I am happy! :D

The first try from yesterday.

I am very lucky to live in Thailand. This is a mangosteen. 
It tastes like paradise~~ one of my favourite.


My messy lovely little workspace.


TALKLESS Mixtape for the weekend.

Hello! Weekend!! 

This weekend I don't have any special activities to do, but I do have something special to listen. This is a newest mix that I highly recommend for you. If you like electro music and some sort of indie-synth-pop, you'll love it. 

Track list
1. Stay with us - Seoul
2. Boy - Emma Louise
3. The gaudy Side of Town - Gayngs
4. Last Dance - Rhye
5. Tonight - De Montevert
2. Song of Los - Apparat
7. Nevermind The End (Siant Pepsi Remix) - Tei Shi
8. Milk - Moderat


Things from lovely Saturday old town Bangkok.

This Saturday I decided to explore a new (actually quite old)stationery shop for myself. After I've been looking for calligraphy tools, trying to find special nibs and pen holder. Then my friend recommended me to visit this shop. It's the original kind of vintage which has been there for over 80 years, located in the old town part of BKK. (Next to Di O' Siam plaza, the first department store of Thailand). 

As they said from the internet review, I didn't expect to see the amazing things like this.. They're not just only look old and special, but every pieces has its own story, being told by the owner who is a grandchild of the owner in an indian family (they look indian). That would be the reason why they named the shop "Mo-Hum-Mhad" (sounds like it's their family's name)

It's even more special, because you have to make a call before going there to make sure that the shop will be opened. Because it's randomly opened if the owner feels like welcoming.. hahaha 

OK!! Now for those who's in love with stationeries. Welcome to the wonderland!! now!!! 

As I expected, the shop looks very old-fashioned.

The owner is super kind. She explained everything she knows behind every pieces I've touched which makes me feel like I was in the museum. I got a lot of informations I've never known. 

Of course yes! no doubt to buy some little adorable red pen holder and vintage nibs. The nibs are all from England and the pen holder is from Germany with a metal grip on the tip. The nib number third from the left is my favourite one. It's very soft and give tender lines. DON'T BE SURPRISED! to be told that I got at paper as a packaging. (very very classy) hahaha 


Next Station .. 

"Nightingale" - A vintage convenience shopping centre which has 2 floors and it's just right next to Mo-Ham-Mhad. It looks a bit scary if we get used to a nice and clean modern shopping centre. But I would say this place has its charm. All the sellers are over 50 yrs old ladies. They talk slow and they are kind ;) 

Walking along the road and it's time to grab the ice-coffee.. hmmm I can't remember the name of this cafe. But it's in the same area, right at the intersection near by the art school. 

 - Let's move to flower market -

Eventually got a bunch of cute flower :) for 130 THAI BAHT 


After we had been walking for a few hours, we took a short break at the riverside. The sun was setting down. I was sitting on the bench in that park, thinking about what I've done the whole day. That's called "Happiness". This is home. I can go everywhere because I know I'll be fine :) 

I took the boat from this pier to the BTS Station. Then headed back to an urbanise zone of BKK. I wish I could have more time to travel back in this lovely place again pretty soon.

I love BKK



Sunday Sweet

Such a sweet lazy Sunday. I don't go anywhere except the shopping mall next to my place. I got a piece of (hmmm something in between cake and donut)from a Japanese shop. This one is very popular at the moment. They said it tastes very good! So why not!? I just grabbed one :B :P

The packaging is simple, nice red sticker (as my fav colour), but I'm a bit curios why it was written "DONUTS NEW YORK"?? as it originally comes from Japan? hahaha 

It's ready!! Let's enjoy Sunday Afternoon!!!! <3 nbsp="">
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