Things from lovely Saturday old town Bangkok.

This Saturday I decided to explore a new (actually quite old)stationery shop for myself. After I've been looking for calligraphy tools, trying to find special nibs and pen holder. Then my friend recommended me to visit this shop. It's the original kind of vintage which has been there for over 80 years, located in the old town part of BKK. (Next to Di O' Siam plaza, the first department store of Thailand). 

As they said from the internet review, I didn't expect to see the amazing things like this.. They're not just only look old and special, but every pieces has its own story, being told by the owner who is a grandchild of the owner in an indian family (they look indian). That would be the reason why they named the shop "Mo-Hum-Mhad" (sounds like it's their family's name)

It's even more special, because you have to make a call before going there to make sure that the shop will be opened. Because it's randomly opened if the owner feels like welcoming.. hahaha 

OK!! Now for those who's in love with stationeries. Welcome to the wonderland!! now!!! 

As I expected, the shop looks very old-fashioned.

The owner is super kind. She explained everything she knows behind every pieces I've touched which makes me feel like I was in the museum. I got a lot of informations I've never known. 

Of course yes! no doubt to buy some little adorable red pen holder and vintage nibs. The nibs are all from England and the pen holder is from Germany with a metal grip on the tip. The nib number third from the left is my favourite one. It's very soft and give tender lines. DON'T BE SURPRISED! to be told that I got at paper as a packaging. (very very classy) hahaha 


Next Station .. 

"Nightingale" - A vintage convenience shopping centre which has 2 floors and it's just right next to Mo-Ham-Mhad. It looks a bit scary if we get used to a nice and clean modern shopping centre. But I would say this place has its charm. All the sellers are over 50 yrs old ladies. They talk slow and they are kind ;) 

Walking along the road and it's time to grab the ice-coffee.. hmmm I can't remember the name of this cafe. But it's in the same area, right at the intersection near by the art school. 

 - Let's move to flower market -

Eventually got a bunch of cute flower :) for 130 THAI BAHT 


After we had been walking for a few hours, we took a short break at the riverside. The sun was setting down. I was sitting on the bench in that park, thinking about what I've done the whole day. That's called "Happiness". This is home. I can go everywhere because I know I'll be fine :) 

I took the boat from this pier to the BTS Station. Then headed back to an urbanise zone of BKK. I wish I could have more time to travel back in this lovely place again pretty soon.

I love BKK


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