Track list
1. Rad Pitt - Egyptian Hip Hop
2. Little Love - X-Wife
3. A Sudden Rush (w/Kompis) - Erlend Øye
4. So Demanding -Bag Raiders
5. Everything's Eventual - The Black and White Years
6. Fot I Hose - Casiokids
7. Bury Us Alive - Starfucker
8. Patient - Kommode


  1. Sweetheart, lissen to the sounds of U.S. grow'n older on this whorizontal-playing-field; then, lissen to the vertical, Land of Opportunity where even the universe can know no bounds to our joyfull pleasure; feeeeel the warmth and passion surrounding us as I serve you alone for eons and eons in Heaven. Wanna do that, miss gorgeous girl? Wanna lemme? All-Righty-then!! Follow along and put your adorable pix on either one of our 12 blogs --- Just wanna see if you'd like to nekk in Heaven. We'll have eternity to make-out and do other things, I'll also kiss your adorable, wonderfull feet, too, before we swim nude in the fresh water, shallow ocean; plus, I'll serve you muuuch baklava for NRG, those teeny-tiny-oranges, slow dance withe fan above whispering, as we float and make love, besides... a whole gallon or two of Starbucks before we go out to our BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy celebration of our redemption at my mansion for eons and eons. And, believe-you-me, girl, I'll have a LARGE mansion, fulla food, peace, drinks, nekk'n, sex, love'n, eroticism, music, people who'd you'd wanna get-to-know - anything and everything and more. Won't that be THE bomb for eternity? Believe-it-or-not, miss gorgeous girl, I love humanity... specially women. I sooo wanna love'm for ten days or more, from head2toe, bodyNsoul, more-than-you-know, and kiss their gorgeous feet would make my day --- So, decide now if that's something you'd like to take part in and I'll be waiting Upstairs with baited breath. WHY NOT? Why not have the thang on everybody's mind these days? Most of U.S., including me, don't choose to think about God when sex's waiting. Isn't everything possible in Heaven nevertheless? Why not to love below the belt? I just need to wait till I croak. So should you if you're not married. Wiseabove. DO NOT give the Devil anymore POWer than that pussy-cat (sly, sleek, stealthy) already has --- See 'sexponential' and/or 'closenmyeyes' for more info.

  2. i love mixtapes! looking forward to listening to this when i get off work today. thank you!


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