I am back and Myanmar trip.

It's been so long since the last time I updated my blog. uhh yes.. It was over a year ago. So today I will write the topic about "past and memories". 

I just realised this feeling after I graduated (just a month ago). Now it's time to move on living in reality, become a worker. I recognise myself that the last 2-3 years ago was the best moment of my life until now. Many things have been changed by time, actually by me. 

Well, I did many things this year but for the "refreshing" post, I'll update the trip I did with my german lovely friend, Lucas, the boy on the postcard in the previous post. He came to visit me in Bangkok and I spontaneously joined his trip in Myanmar. It was a great time there. We met 2 strangers from Switzerland who now became my friends.

Here's the VDO I made for our trip.



Myanmar (or Burma) is actually my neighbour. Shame on me that I hadn't been there before I decided to bring myself to see something new close to my skin. As a Thai who have been living in Bangkok for quite a long long time, I would say that Myanmar is out of my expectation. The country is not so developed. I had to beware of the food sometimes. By the way, I'm sure I'm an easy-going person but I really couldn't get used to the local food. Plus! the city is not that clean. (don't wanna be pretentious but trust me) 

(a fantastic sunset in Bagan)

Here I come to the best part of the trip and it's the point why I love this country. The people are so nice and friendly. The first day that we arrived, we immediately took the bus from Yangoon to Bagan. We met two boys on the way to Bagan. They were speaking french and sitting in from of us in the bus. "Moritz(Momo) and Baptise(Baba).

(Boys on the pagoda in Bagan)

(We eventually felt in love with this postcard seller. She is so pure and cute.)

This is one of my experience that I want to share since I disappeared from my blog. Actually, I'd love to write something more about my extreme adventure this year, but I think I should keep them for the next post.

Have a nice day// Schönen tag :)

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  1. Uhh, I love your videos! And your playlists! ;-)


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